The Reactionary Right



From the start of the Republican party’s presidential primaries Donald Trump was often accused of not actually being a true conservative. When Trump clinched the Republican party’s nomination for President in 2016 most people were shocked with the exception of Corey Robin. In Corey’s latest book “The Reactionary Mind” he explores the history of the conservative movement as a reaction to emancipation by progressive social groups. I recently talked to Corey about his latest book and his thoughts on the modern day evolution of the conservative movement.

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The History Of The Republican Party



The Republican Parties ideological beliefs have changed throughout history. In 2014 Heather Richardson, a historian of Boston College, wrote a book  “To Make Men Free: A History of The Republican Party.” In this book, she traces the ideological battle within the Republican party throughout history. I recently spoke with Heather about her book and her thoughts on the modern day Republican Party.

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The New Deal That Almost Wasn't



On November 8th, 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the presidential election in a landslide over incumbent President Herbert Hoover. FDR had run his campaign promising if elected, he would enact programs to help those suffering in the Great Depression. Herbert Hoover believed that if FDR followed through with his campaign promises, he would be bringing communism to America. Eric Rauchway a historian at the University of California Davis wrote in his latest book about the strenuous transition period where Hoover would do everything he could to get FDR to swear off his campaign promises. I recently reached out to Eric to talk to him about his newest book.

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Thomas Paine And Our Democracy



Often when we talk about historical figures and their influence on our modern day politics we think of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower or Lyndon Baines Johnson. Who is often overlooked is Thomas Paine whose views on early American democracy and how to make it accessible to everybody were considered radical. I recently spoke with Seth Cotlar a history professor at Willamette University whose research and work about Thomas Paine's early influence & views; and just how that shaped our modern politics.

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The Struggle To Unionize And Why It's Important

Union poster.jpg


Unions have a long history of fighting an ongoing battle to be recognized and to be allowed. Erik Loomis is a labor and environmental historian who teaches at the University of Rhode Island. His recent book A History of America In Ten Strikes documents these battles through ten different labor strikes. I recently spoke with him to talk about his latest book and the importance of forming a union.

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