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The Resurrection Of The KKK


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The resurgence of the KKK in the 1920’s is the focus of Linda Gordon’s latest book “The Second Coming of the KKK”. Linda’s academic background informs her deep concerns with our society’s civil injustices. With this latest work she delves into the resurrection of the KKK with all it’s rabid intention of building a long lasting institution.despite their best efforts it crumbled under their own subversive greed. In our discussion we explore the various factions within the KKK and how they relate to the modern resurgence of white nationalism in a similar political climate.

You can pick up Linda Gordon’s “The Second Coming of the KKK” here.

Center For American Progress


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Neera Tanden is the president of the largest liberal think tank in the United States. Center for American Progress(CAP) formulates policies that are often adopted into the Democratic Party’s platform. The process of crafting policy recommendations is facilitated by the collection of data from a myriad of sources such as in house polling, scientific reports and academic research. I recently spoke with Neera about the arc of her career and recent policy papers CAP has produced.

Here are the links to the policies we discussed if you’d like to learn more about them. Medicare Extra For All, Reviving Antitrust, Green Infrastructure, Carbon Tax and Neera’s Twitter account.

The Political Rhetoric That Shaped Mass Incarceration


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It is inarguable that the United States has the largest percentage of domestic incarceration in the world. Statistically, for every 100,000 citizens, 716 are locked up. During the 1970’s politicians on both sides of the aisle decided to “get tough” on crime and used rhetoric that would shape future debate.  This resulted in policies that would lead to the United States becoming the world's leader of mass incarceration. I recently interviewed Julilly Hausmann whose book “Getting Tough: Welfare & Imprisonment In 1970’s America” covers the rhetoric politicians would use to shape public opinion in order to implement these policies.

You can pick up Julilly’s book we talked about here.

From Cold War to Hot Peace


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The United States and Russia have a long and complex history from World War 2 to allies to Cold War adversaries. Michael McFaul is a former United States ambassador to Russia who served under President Barack Obama. Previous to his service as the top diplomat to Russia he spent many years studying the culture and politics of the former Soviet Union and Russia. I recently spoke with Michael about a variety of issues all relating to our current diplomatic situation between the two countries at this pivotal time in world history.

You can pick up Michael’s book here and follow him on twitter here.

The Reactionary Right


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From the start of the Republican party’s presidential primaries Donald Trump was often accused of not actually being a true conservative. When Trump clinched the Republican party’s nomination for President in 2016 most people were shocked with the exception of Corey Robin. In Corey’s latest book “The Reactionary Mind” he explores the history of the conservative movement as a reaction to emancipation by progressive social groups. I recently talked to Corey about his latest book and his thoughts on the modern day evolution of the conservative movement.

If you’d like to hear more of Corey’s thought’s on modern day conservatism you can follow him on Facebook here, on Twitter here or check out his website here. You can also pick up his latest book “The Reactionary Mind” here.