County Commission District 2 Debate


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Our 2018 year kicked off at our new meeting place in Northwood, Cafe Centro, with an exciting debate between three of the four District 2 Palm Beach County Commission candidates: Alex Garcia, Gregg Weiss, and Emmanuel Morel. (Sylvia Sharps will be speaking at our February meeting.) For those who were unable to make the lively debate, please see video for highlights.

Alex Garcia is a realtor who is dedicated to creating well paying jobs for postgraduates once they return from college, lowering taxes for the middle class residents of Palm Beach County and championing growth management as Palm Beach County develops. Alex will support growth management strategies that preserve open spaces, will make traffic and congestion more manageable, and exercise the most sustainable use of our natural resources.


Emmanuel Morel has spent his entire career dedicated to fair labor practices and and labor legislation. His plans include protecting and maintaining agricultural reserves, advocating for free college, banning the use of plastic in supermarkets, ending homelessness in Palm Beach County, ending wage theft, and fighting for a $15 minimum wage (which both contribute to the homeless problem that faces the county.)

Gregg Weiss has over 30 years of business experience overseeing sales, marketing and implementing best business strategies. He is a county activist and has been extremely involved in the West Palm Beach community. Gregg’s executive experience will give him valuable insight on managing the county budget and increasing government efficiency. He believes his history of mediation throughout his career would help bring the West Palm Beach City Commission and Palm Beach County Commission together. He also believes that by communicating and finding common ground, we can move forward in our goals as a county.

Quotes from the candidates:

“Things must change here. We can’t continue to live like this. I’m willing to take blows and I’m willing to take blows behalf of the poor people, our people who have 1 trillion dollars in student loans and nobody sees anything wrong with that.” --Emmanuel Morel

“I want to make sure when they (young students) come back here they have good high paying jobs--it’s great that there’s tourism, but I want to make sure that those tourism dollars are spent back into the county, back into the young people.”--Alex Garcia

It was great to be alongside the Young Democrats for the first Palm Beach County Commission District 2 Debate. Tons of energy and lots of excitement about the future of our party. Palm Beach County is blessed to have some of the hardest working Young D’s in the state." --Gregg Weiss

We would like to thank Alex, Gregg, and Emmanuel for participating in our debate, and we look forward to a thrilling August 2018 primary! If you would like to get involved with a particular campaign, see below: