Giving The Rich Tax Cuts To Own The Libs

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On December 20th of 2017 congressional Republicans gathered on the south lawn of the White House to celebrate with President Donald Trump over what they call their historic tax bill. Earlier in the month they had forced the bill into law despite widespread dissatisfaction. President Trump would boast this bill was a giant tax cut for the middle class. In all actuality this bill was a giant tax cut for the wealthiest Americans and the largest corporations. I recently reached out to Michael Linden, Managing Director with The Hub Project and a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. We talked about the tax bill they passed and ways we could go about reforming our tax system to close the inequality gap, thus benefiting all Americans not just the wealthiest. Below is my interview with him.

You can read more about Michael’s report on the Tax Cut Bill (Not Tax Reform and no jobs added) here and here. You can also follow him on twitter here.