Our Healthcare Is Too Damn Expensive!



Since the landmark Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010 more than 20 million people have applied for and gained insurance. That number continues to grow as more states choose to expand their medicaid coverage. While that is quite an accomplishment and something to recognize, a problem still remains with an estimated 40 million Americans without health insurance or underinsured. This can be seen when one in three campaigns started on GoFundMe are for healthcare costs.

While our political leaders continue to debate on how best to address these issues; whether it be tweaking the Affordable Care Act, adding a public option of some sort or moving to a national single payer healthcare system. I wanted to look into some areas that often aren’t talked about on a national stage. I reached out to co-founder of Center for Economic Policy Research Dean Baker, freelance journalist David Dayen and Open Markets fellow Austin Frerick to hear about some reforms we can make to our current system that would lower costs.

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