The Silent Agriculture Crisis


Austin Frerick is a former economist who worked out of the Office of Tax Policy in the Treasury Department. He moved back home to Iowa’s third district to run for Congress. He centered his campaign on breaking up agriculture monopolies that were hurting rural communities and small farmers. While unfortunately he announced the end of his candidacy back in March of this year, that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to raise awareness to the dangers of these monopolies and why they should be broken up.

I recently reached out to him to talk about these agriculture monopolies and the harm they’re causing. Below is the audio of our interview.

Editor's note: In this interview Austin F. mentions monosopony. The definition of monopsony is a market where a single buyer substantially controls the market as the major purchaser of goods and services.

You can follow Austin Frerick on twitter here and check out his investigation into the Iowa Farm Bureau that was discussed throughout the interview here.