Voting by mail

Voting by Mail is the easiest way to vote, it allows you to vote from the privacy of your own home. 

If you want your Vote by Mail ballot mailed to your registration address, you can fill the application out online.  Click here for a link to the application on the Supervisor of Elections’ website.

           Or you can call the Supervisor of Elections’ office: (561) 656-6200 and handle the request over the phone.

You can ask the Supervisor of Elections to mark you as a permanent Vote by Mail voter by checking “all as permitted” in the section asking you about which elections you are applying for.  Alternatively, you can select specific elections in which you want to Vote by Mail. 

If you want your Vote by Mail ballot mailed to an address other than your registration address, you need to complete a paper application, sign it, date it and mail it or deliver it to the Supervisor of Elections’ office.

Note:  Vote by Mail ballots cannot be forwarded by the Post Office.  So if you know you are going to be out of town, say at school or (attention college students) at another house, provide the appropriate mailing address.

Vote by Mail ballots are mailed approximately four weeks before every election—so you have more time than even early voters to participate in the electoral process. 

Once you have mailed your ballot in, you will be able to verify “receipt” status on the Supervisor of Elections website.  Click here for a link. 

Questions?  One of the party volunteers would be happy to assist you.  Please call (561) 433-1112.  (The Palm Beach County Democratic Party office is staffed by volunteers—you may need to leave a message and have someone call you back).  In the alternative, the Supervisor of Elections office is very helpful and also happy to help.  The Supervisor’s number is (561) 656-6200.