What is stamp the vote?

Stamp The Vote is the Palm Beach County Young Democrat's campaign to activate Democratic voters to turn out in every election.

The Breakdown:

Only 18% of Florida Democrats are registered for Vote-By-Mail for the 2018 Election Cycle!

chart 1.jpg

91% of VBM Dem’s Voted compared to
62% Non-VBM

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chart 3.jpg

Dems who voted in 1 of 2 of the last Elections = Warm Dem Voters

This represents 1.65 Million voters in FL!

Warm Dem Voter Turnout is expected to drop from: 70% to 42%


Our Focus:

Register these Warm Dem Voters for Vote-By-Mail!

At least 80% of this base will vote if they’re registered for Vote-By-Mail.

This is more than enough to win back the Governorship and turn over the State Legislature!

How Do We Do It?

We partner with local Democratic clubs to canvass their districts with pre-filled personalized VBM Registration Forms.

We sign up warm Dem voters at their front door and we submit their forms.

We eliminate all the hurdles to turn out the Democratic vote!

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